The State of Emergency is Over – What is Changing for You, your Family and your Business?

Following the adopted amendments to the Health Act of 13 May 2020, the team of Gugushev & Partners Law Office developed a legal review with respect to the key legal amendments being implemented upon their enactment. The amendments regulate the measures for overcoming the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic to be applied after the end of the State of Emergency.

The present bulletin is developed with the purpose to support and increase public awareness regarding the scope and nature of the important amendments in a wide range of areas concerning both legal and natural persons as follow:

  • Key Amendments Regarding Terms of Different Nature
  • Key Amendments Related to Public and Private Financing
  • Key Amendments Related to State/Municipal Property
  • Key Amendments Related to Education
  • Key Amendments Related to Public Procurement
  • Key Amendments Related to the Labor and Social Security Legislation
  • Other Key Amendments
  • Key Amendments Related to Foreigners on the Territory of the Republic of Bulgaria
  • Key Amendments, Important for Tourism

The full bulletin is accessible HERE

 This analysis is current as of 20 May 2020.

It should be noted that on the day of entry into force (15.05.2020) the President of the Republic of Bulgaria challenged part of the introduced amendments before the Constitutional Court. However, the changes should be applied until they are declared unconstitutional.