Lexwork International is a unified group that has maximized client services, revenue and relationship opportunities by the regular meetings of two geographic subgroups, Lexwork Americas and Lexwork Europe &  Asia.

Lexwork Europe & Asia has members across the globe excluding the Americas with a current focus on Europe & Asia.   Members meet twice a year at the Europe & Asia regional meeting, usually held in Europe in May and at the global meeting of Americas, Europe & Asia in October.

The network is managed by committee but with a light touch and relatively low cost base.  We have a network manager for administration of the network needs and liaison with members.   We report on referrals both value and feedback on responsiveness and experience.  We encourage exchanges and office visits. Our ‘club’ membership offers an invitation when travelling on holiday or business to be welcomed into the local firm’s office to meet or to use meeting facilities with no charge.

The key benefits of Lexwork Europe & Asia membership are:

  • The client’s needs are at the heart of what we do.
  • Provision of high quality, cost-effective advice and jurisdiction and cross – jurisdiction based legal representation.
  • Clients with legal needs in foreign countries can be referred to firms that are knowledgeable about local laws, regulations, and local customs.
  • Quick response on referrals.
  • We are a non-exclusive network. Members are encouraged to reach out beyond the network to ensure referring member firms can be responsive to their clients and to secure the most appropriate adviser team even outwith the network.