The members of Lexwork International place great emphasis on building strong relationships with the representatives of each member firm. Therefore, the all members meet in-person every autumn to discuss organization business, elect new members, foster relationships with existing members, and share best practices. Additionally, Lexwork Europe & Asia and  Lexwork Americas each hold a regional in-person meeting each spring.

In between in-person meetings, the members of Lexwork Americas maintain contact by conference calls for all members and other means.  A Coordinating Committee, consisting of three members of Lexwork Americas and three members of Lexwork Europe & Asia, meet quarterly via conference call to discuss  progress on initiatives, facilitate the relationships between all member firms and to address new opportunities to provide outstanding legal service to clients around the world.

Are there any practice group meetings?

Lexwork Americas has six practice groups that meet by conference call. Most practice groups also have one in-person meeting each year. These groups share best practices and discuss changes in the law and how it impacts their clients and jurisdictions.

Lexwork America’s practice groups are:

  • Business (including Bankruptcy)
  • Cannabis
  • Employment
  • Fintech
  • Litigation
  • Real Estate (including Construction)

Lexwork Europe & Asia currently runs two practice groups:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Business Development

The relationships formed during the in-person meetings and conference calls facilitate the relationships necessary for lawyers to have a trusted referral source should their clients have questions or the need for legal counsel in jurisdictions outside their own. A member of Lexwork International knows that he or she can offer quality counsel to a client wherever they may have a need for legal services.