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SRS Advogados is a full-service, multi-practice law firm advising clients on all aspects of domestic, as well as international law. The firm’s lawyers are focused on their clients’ business and have gained knowledge and experience advising large national and international corporate groups, financial institutions, as well as local and national authorities.

SRS Advogados is organised by specialist practice areas and sector groups. This dynamic structure allows the firm to combine a diverse range of legal experts within a group, all of whom have relevant sector knowledge and experience. Sector groups have an extensive understanding of areas in which clients operate and assist clients in fulfilling their objectives. The firm knows its clients’ business and regard ourselves as an active and dynamic part of it.


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Lisboa SRS Advogados
Rua Dom Francisco Manuel de Melo 21
Lisboa, 1070-085, Portugal
Tel: +35 121 313 2000 | Fax: +35 121 313 2001
William SmithsonPartner+35 121 313 2000
William Smithson