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Mohamed EldibEmail / +20 102 012 2222

Eldib & Co is a distinguished global law firm with Egyptian origins, renowned for its dynamic and innovative approach. With offices spanning North Africa, Turkey, and China, the firm stands out for its century-old success combined with the agility of a start-up. Operating from its Cairo headquarters, Eldib & Co caters to clients with global interests, ensuring their needs are met regardless of location. This is achieved through a robust network of high-profile affiliations, guaranteeing top-tier legal support.

Eldib & Co is committed to providing focused, timely, and personalized services, earning the firm a reputation for building lasting relationships with its clients. Whether working with established market players or supporting start-ups, Eldib & Co’s skilled teams are adept at catering to businesses of varying sizes and types. This versatility and commitment to excellence have solidified Eldib & Co’s position as a leader in the legal field, both locally and internationally.




Cairo Eldib & Co
Citadel Plaza Building 1, Intersection of Mokattam Road & Autostrade
Cairo, 11411, Egypt
Tel: + 20 225 100 000 | Fax: + 20 225 105 555
Mohamed EldibPartner+20 102 012 2222
Mohamed Eldib
Amr EldibManaging Partner+20 102 015 5555
Amr Eldib