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Chirgwin, established in 2009, provides legal services to companies and private entities in Chile. Our clients carry out business in varied industries, including trade, financial services, construction, communications, real estate, entertainment, energy, transportation, professional services, mining, IT, agribusiness, medical supplies, etc., considering a client base composed of around 90% by foreign multinational companies.

We have strong litigation and arbitration skills. Our experience in this matter covers most areas of the law in which a company may require legal representation, including complex commercial and labor law matters, and exceptionally acting as a complainant in criminal procedures when our clients are victims of a crime.

We also specialize in assisting foreign investment projects in Chile, structuring projects, and setting up companies of various legal forms. For most of our clients, and particularly for our foreign multinational clients, we provide services in an “External Legal Department” arrangement. That means, the Firm generally serves as a one-stop-shop and handles all the client’s legal needs.

In the day-to-day running of Chilean affiliates, we regularly assist the foreign HQ in fulfilling their information and management needs, emphasizing communication. We have professionals who, in addition to Spanish, can also speak English and Portuguese at a native speaking level.

Our Firm usually also refers other service providers that the client may need, such as accountants who are proficient in English and Portuguese, banks, local financiers, Back Office service providers, etc. and provides support in tasks such as the opening of checking accounts, and negotiations with banks, financiers, investors or other third parties.

We regularly participate in initiatives and conferences organized by the World Bank, the International Bar Association, the American Bar Association, and our networks, such as Lexwork, Andersen, International Law Firms, and the Association of European Lawyers.

Law firm rankings regularly acknowledge our work. For example, we have been recognized by Legal500 as a “Firm to watch” and ranked by the International Financial Law Review (IFLR1000), Latin Lawyer, Best Lawyers, and Leaders League, among others.

Our Firm is the only Chilean law firm that holds the right to use the licenses of Marca Chile, the official trademark of the country of Chile. The trademark is managed by Imagen de Chile, whose mission is to promote Chile’s image worldwide, increasing its recognition, reputation and preference in the international market (


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Santiago Chirgwin
Av. Nueva Tajamar 481, 21st Floor, Suite 2102 World Trade Center, South Tower
Santiago, 7500099, Chile
Tel: +56 224 290 850 | Fax: +56 224 290 860
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Andrés Chirgwin
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