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Tim HayesEmail / +44 207 783 3790

The firm brings together over 300 years of legal expertise across four locations in England – Cambridge, London, Reading and Southampton.

Our priority is to achieve outstanding outcomes for our clients. We listen to you and your business objectives or life goals so that we provide not only excellent technical advice, but a complete solution. We work for you to understand the challenges you face, and aim to not just meet expectations, but to exceed them.

Our focus is building longstanding and mutually beneficial client relationships on a foundation of trust and genuine partnership.


London BDB Pitmans
One Bartholomew Close
London, EC1A 7BL, England
Tel: +44 207 227 7000 | Fax: +44 207 222 3480
Tim HayesPartner+44 207 783 3790
Tim Hayes