Lexwork International Global Annual Meeting in Poland

More than 80 lawyers from 30 countries took part in the Lexwork International Global Annual Meeting 2019. Representatives of over 40 law firms came to Cracow, Poland. Lexwork International is an association of high quality mid-sized independent law firms with offices in major cities located across Americas, Europe and Asia.

The main topic of discussion was the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning by law firms. The participants talked about software that use AI to analyse documents during due diligence. Such software allow immediate risk analysis, and with the use of machine learning they speed up the process and save money, as well as increase the efficiency. The automatization can be an advantage for law firms, as well as the use of modern communication tools. For instance, since 2019 in three countries — Russia, Canada and Qatar — claims can filed with the use of Whatsapp.

Social media was another topic of a rather heated discussion. Some lawyers, mainly representatives of the US law firms, were pointing out risks associated with it, while European lawyers stressed that they have to be present in social media because their clients are.

The meeting was organised by Lexwork International and our law firm. “First of all we are happy that we could present Poland as a dynamically growing country in which clients from all over the world should invest,” says our managing partner Tomasz Rytlewski. “But we also have to be aware that digitization is a challenge for all lawyers, a challenge we have to face,” he adds.