Atsumi & Sakai – Establishment of a Policy Research Institute

Hiroo Atsumi, Managing Partner, and Takafumi Ochiai, Senior Partner and Head of Policy Research Institute would like to share the Press Release and following message:

Since the establishment of our law firm, we have always tackled advanced issues, frequently participating in the development of new legislation including by embedding our own lawyers in government ministries. The establishment of The Policy Research Institute is a reflection of our Firm’s commitment to promote efforts to develop modern society.

I hope that the wisdom of lawyers and representatives of various fields will be gathered at the Institute to show the direction that corporate society should take.

By Hiroo Atsumi

The Institute, established within Atsumi and Sakai, is committed to open innovation in policy formulation, which has been difficult for both public and private organizations to undertake.

We would like to form a bridge between policy and practice, by presenting research results and proposals that should be considered.

By Takafumi Ochiai